Lifetime Earnings

How Much Will You Earn During Your Career?

Would it surprise you to learn that you may earn a million dollars or more over the course of your working career? Consider this. If you were to earn $75,000 now and plan to work for 20 more years, you could earn more than $2 million during your career, assuming an average annual raise of 3%. This calculator is designed to help you attach a dollar figure to your life’s work.


The figure below shows the total income you could earn from this point forward in your working career based on the information you provided. As you can see, you could earn a substantial amount of money over the course of your lifetime. When you look at the big picture and see how much money can pass through your hands over a lifetime, the need for sound financial management becomes clear.

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The chart below shows how much you could expect to earn each year between now and retirement based on the information you provided. Try changing one or more variables to see how you could alter your lifetime earnings.

Year by Year Earnings